Concrete Pool Decks

Safety and cost are always huge considerations with water and play areas, but it shouldn’t compromise the look of concrete around pools.

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Concrete Pool Decks

Turn your whole pool area into an oasis with a stamped concrete pool deck or a concrete pool patio from Rochester Hills Concrete.

Wait, is it a concrete pool patio or pool deck? The terms are actually interchangeable, and some folks just prefer one word over the other. But basically, it’s the concrete around pools.

When having a swimming pool area designed, don’t forget to put equal— if not more— emphasis on textured concrete pool decks. That’s because while the swimming pool is the focal point of the whole space, in reality, people spend more time eating, cooking, playing, and socializing on the concrete pool patio than in the water.

This means taking into account function, safety, durability, ergonomics, as well as looks when it comes to concrete pool decks.

Choosing a Textured Concrete Pool Deck Design

Textured concrete pool decks are an essential part of the whole swimming pool installation. Certain key elements will help you choose the right design that’s right for your background.

Design theme. Your textured concrete pool deck design should tie nicely with the rest of the house. We don’t want it to look out of place. The easiest way, therefore, to design the concrete pool patio is to take existing elements from your home such as a dominant shape or color, and extend that to the backyard.

Remember that textured concrete pool decks are built for the long haul. It would cost you more if you prioritize your budget and end up redesigning and rebuilding after a few years. Don’t worry, Rochester Hills Concrete will help you find the right balance between budget-friendly and beautiful.

Color. Choosing a color might sound purely aesthetic to most, but the truth is that it impacts the temperature of the concrete pool patio. This is especially true when the sun is at its peak and the stamped concrete pool patio is baked by the sun.

Lighter colors on concrete around pools will always have a cooler temperature than darker ones. The difference between a lighter and a darker color can be as much as 8 degrees Fahrenheit even if both surfaces are made of the same mix of concrete.

If your design requires it, you can still use darker colored concrete around pools but they can be strategically placed in areas where bare feet won’t touch them. Kids won’t be able to walk barefoot on concrete that’s 115 degrees Fahrenheit and above.

There are many light shades to choose from. A lightly stained concrete pool deck in an antiquing color such as light orange or beige can make your backyard look like a sandy beach. The warm hues enhance the landscape and give a nice contrast to the blue of the pool water.

Because a lot of people prefer stained concrete around pools, some prefer doing the coloring themselves. However, acid staining can easily go wrong if not professionally applied. A lot of the concrete pool deck resurfacing jobs we do are reworks of DIY projects gone wrong. When that happens, the homeowner spends more with professional concrete pool deck resurfacing costs on top of his DIY expenses.

The moral lesson: with more mistakes come more expenses.

Texture. Texture is vital in keeping surfaces safe even when wet. Texture also keeps bare feet from contact with the full surface of the concrete, therefore making it cooler to the touch.

While doing a lot of good, too much texture can feel sharp especially to kids’ feet.

And that’s why stamped concrete pool decks are one of the most requested products by clients. They possess design versatility and feet-friendly textures.

Stamped concrete is customization at its best. You can use so many colors, patterns, and combinations with stamped concrete around pools. We can even have mats produced if you desire a custom design pattern.

It’s also inexpensive. For some people who desire premium stone or all-wood patios but can’t afford them, stamped concrete pool decks are the next best thing.

With Rochester Hills Concrete’s professional treatment, stamped concrete can accurately mimic your choice of premium stone or high-grade wood at less than half their price. As a bonus, you’d be glad to know that stamped concrete is easier and less costly to maintain than these materials.

If you want to opt out of the color and show off the concrete in its natural state, we can do that, too. We can create a natural-colored and textured concrete pool deck. This is a more low-profile look that lets onlookers focus on the beauty of the pool itself.

Are you curious about aggregate pool decks that you commonly find in pool surrounds and pathways? If you like the look and safety of exposed aggregate but find it too rough on your feet, you might want to consider a honed aggregate pool deck. This newer product is mechanically ground down to be a little smoother than the usually exposed aggregate flooring that was popular decades ago.

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Pool Deck Safety

Safety. We know it’s not right to let kids run around the pool, but there are times when they do so anyway. So non-slip sealers are essential to keep the stamped concrete pool deck safe even for small kids.

Sealers are also key to preventing algae and bacterial growth. More than that, they protect stained or stamped concrete pool decks from UV rays, heat, snow, rain, and frost. Your concrete pool decks also need protection from the more common substances and liquids that spill on them such as pool chemicals, fertilizers, sunscreen lotion, juices, vinegar, salt, and barbecue sauce.

The high-performing, solvent-based acrylic sealer and its polyurethane counterpart come highly recommended for colored and stamped concrete pool decks. This variety also slightly lowers the temperature of the surface.

The water-repellent, penetrating sealer is also a good product, especially for its non-slip characteristic. What clients like about this sealer is that two coats of it won’t change the shade of the color underneath.

For best protection, sealers on textured or stained concrete around pools are re-applied every 3 to 5 years depending on usage.

Costs To Maintain A Pool Deck

Costs. Stained, textured, or stamped concrete around pools are priced by square foot. Depending on the complexity of the installation, prices can run from $10 to double that, while concrete pool deck resurfacing costs around $3 to 6 per square foot.

It is then more practical to have old concrete pool decks resurfaced than torn down and rebuilt. Aside from fixing faded colors and cracked surfaces, concrete pool deck resurfacing gives outdated designs a more contemporary touch. The result is a more durable, textured concrete pool deck that looks brand new.


Maintenance. Colored and stamped concrete pool decks require your attention mainly because of safety concerns. If not for this, their maintenance would be no different from your concrete driveway or patio: regular cleaning through sweeping (dry), leaf blowing, or brushing with soapy water (wet).

Do not use harsh chemicals on your stained concrete pool deck such as chlorine bleach. You may, however, use a couple of squirts of dishwashing liquid or detergent in a bucketful of water. Apply and scrub with a stiff-bristled brush until clean.

But because safety is critical in every concrete pool patio, pressure washing to remove mold and mildew is a must. You can wash your stamped concrete pool deck yourself or hire a professional once or twice a year for this purpose.

As we mentioned above, periodic resealing will help to keep the concrete around pools safer and more vibrant looking.

Based on this list, you can now narrow your design choices. Rochester Hills Concrete will help you choose from among your concrete pool decks shortlist based on your purpose and preference

Premium Quality Concrete Pool Decks

With Rochester Hills Concrete, every project is a masterpiece. We enjoy collaborating with you and understanding your needs and your vision for your backyard.

We offer complete backyard construction including gardens features, retaining walls, walkways, concrete benches, fire pits, steps, mini-ponds, barbecues, outdoor flooring and countertops, concrete pool decks, and much more. We also offer concrete paver installation, concrete pool deck resurfacing, repairs, and slab leveling.

Because the material is concrete, you can expect lifetime durability at very affordable rates.

Get complete and premium quality construction with Rochester Hills Concrete. We don’t build run-of-the-mill poured concrete around pools; we create customized concrete pool decks meant to be enjoyed and admired for many, many years.

Call us today and learn how we can build your ideas to life.

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