Concrete Paving

Your outdoor flooring is a focal point in your home. Why not attract your guests' eyes to classic, creatively done concrete paving? It's ranked as one of the most desired concrete features ever.

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Concrete Paving

When you want beautiful flooring outdoors, concrete paving is one of the best options.

Concrete paving has been used for thousands and thousands of years. History has proven them durable and some of those ancient pavers are still in use today!

But having concrete paving doesn’t mean your outdoor flooring will look ancient. The products available nowadays have lots of variations, colors, and possibilities— more than enough for you to create your own modern mosaic.

Concrete paving has lots of advantages over other outdoor flooring options. Here are some reasons why you should choose pavers:

  • You can have your own distinctive design with concrete paving versatility. You can customize with different types of blocks, use darker or differently colored cement paving for borders, or use a mixture of different shapes and sizes. These are but a few possibilities.
  • Paver blocks are the strongest materials to use for outdoor flooring. They can withstand up to 12,000 psi, which is 3 to 4 times the strength of poured concrete!
  • You get increased home value as concrete paving is not just in style, but is a premium functional feature. It’s both a luxury and an investment.
  • These bricks are strong! With longevity and durability, concrete paving pays for itself.
  • Concrete paving can withstand the harshest of Michigan’s winters. Expansion and contraction with the weather are not a problem as the design of concrete paving is flexible. It can withstand extreme heat, snow, flooding, hurricanes, and hail storms.
  • Cement paving involves less maintenance and fewer failures than other materials like asphalt, wood, or even poured concrete.
  • Concrete paving is safe as they are non-skid material, making them a good choice for surfaces where there is foot or vehicle traffic.
  • You can come back and add to an old project without having the new part looking out of place. That’s because the color of concrete paving doesn’t fade, so a new addition will just extend the previous design.
Choosing Colors for Concrete Paving

You might be wondering why cement paving is always gray or neutral. There’s a reason for this.

Outdoor flooring that’s too bright will reflect light, hurting your eyes on sunny days. They also make dirt very visible. For an outdoor flooring type, that’s very unattractive. If you really want some bright colors in there, you can choose a cement paving pattern that has a bright color that pops here and there to give it a design twist, but never a solid one.

On the other hand, very dark colors tend to absorb heat, making your pavers hot to walk on when the sun is high.

The best colors for concrete paving are neutral gray or beige. But you won’t have to worry that it will look generic or similar to your neighbor’s. There are other hues available such as earth tones. All you need is some imagination, some design guidance, and some inspiration from your home’s look to create the right aesthetic with your concrete paving.

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Maintaining Concrete Paving

After the cement paving is laid, it’s important to seal it to prevent discoloration and stains as well as reduce wear. To keep it looking like new, we can reapply a heavy-duty sealer every 7 to 10 years depending on the amount of foot or vehicle traffic the concrete paving is subject to.

After that, regular maintenance of cement paving involves simply sweeping the pavers or using a leaf blower to remove fallen debris. You can also scrub dirty areas with soapy water and a brush.

  • Weeds
    Most of the time, the soil around the concrete paving is so compacted together that very few weeds can grow in the crevices. But if they do grow, just spot-spray those weeds on your concrete paving to get rid of them.
  • Oil stains
    Degreasers available in big box or hardware stores near you are usually enough to remove those nasty oil stains in your concrete paving.

    If you get oil stains that even the strongest degreases can’t seem to get out, simply flip the stained pavers. Nobody will know there was an oil spot in the first place.
  • Settling
    Sometimes, certain factors affect the base of the concrete paving, causing some blocks to settle. But that’s easily fixed!

    You can just remove the affected blocks, add some base material, and return the pavers from where you took them.

That’s the advantage concrete paving has over monolithic poured concrete. Pavers rarely crack or chip, especially as Rochester Hills Concrete only chooses the densest and most level kind. While plain concrete— especially those without joint cuts and proper curing— can crack with the freeze-thaw cycle. The change in temperature forces concrete to contract and expand.

Concrete can also chip as a reaction to salt if cheap materials are used in its construction. It can also happen if it’s not properly sealed.

Concrete paving is a lifetime product, and Rochester Hills Concrete stands by that. Along with our application technique and materials, maintenance is simple. Plus, you won’t need any tear-outs and rebuilds anytime soon.

Concrete Paving Costs

Compared to concrete slabs or asphalt, concrete paving costs more outright. The price may range from $10 to 25 per square foot depending on the quality of the pavers and the difficulty of the job. A whole concrete paving project may be one and a half times to twice the price of a poured concrete one.

A design composed of both poured concrete and paving is possible. We can limit the concrete paving to certain areas and use slabs in others.

Both materials are top-of-the-line in strength. But we understand that upfront costs are matter to you. The choice is yours. We will always offer you options, and we will install to the best of our ability whichever product you choose. This is our promise.

The Most Trusted Concrete Paving Contractors are Right Here

Concrete paving brings beauty and sophistication to your home, but it takes the correct technique to get it done right. With a lack of know-how on the contractor’s part, you get uneven pavers or corner pop-ups.

In fact, some of the projects we do are reworks of cement paving failures done by other concrete paving contractors. The blocks are fine and undamaged, but the compaction of sub-grade material, improper application of sand bedding, and lack (or using the wrong kind) of edge restraint have made the blocks move, sink, or pop up.

Edge restraints are vital in keeping pavers in position. But using concrete as edge restraint guarantees heaves to appear one day soon in your concrete paving.

Another technique we apply in installing concrete paving well is to create the best possible sub-base. Many failures, including with concrete pouring and asphalt overlays, stem from a lack of sub-base material and compaction.

We also use the right amount of bedding sand or the material where the paver sits directly on. Too much will result in corner pop-ups, but using 3/4 inch bedding sand is just right.

Rochester Hills Concrete goes all out with every concrete paving project. As a fact, while other companies cut corners and only put 3 or 4 inches of sub-base for your pavers, we go all the way and fill it with 6 inches of material. We can even go up to as much as 8 inches if you prefer that for your driveway.

That guarantees a stronger concrete paving as subgrades deep underneath will move periodically. It might cost us a few extra bucks, but it protects the pavers from moving in the long run and gives you a better, more durable, quality end product.

We know that makes you happy, and your happiness is our advertisement.

Choosing Rochester Hills Concrete also means you’re trusting an eco-conscious concrete paving contractor. Our concern for the environment doesn’t end with pretty words and pledges. We give you the option to choose recycled class 5 material as sub-base below the sand. This type of aggregate comes from torn roads and contains asphalt, sand, and small rocks that stick together very well after being run with a plate packer. Class 5 dirt is not only inexpensive but using it keeps the material from occupying landfills.

The great thing about this recycled dirt is that it provides the same quality as washed concrete sand, the usual material used as a concrete paving sub-base. We have a trusted supplier of recycled sub-base material in the state.

Rochester Hills Concrete is an authorized dealer of the top paver brand in the country. We are a concrete paving contractor certified by the ICPI or the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute. We have years of experience in installing concrete paving for pool areas, parking lots, driveways, gardens, sidewalks, decks, pathways, and more for residential and commercial clients.

Choose Rochester Hills Concrete, your premier concrete paving contractor for pavers and other indoor and outdoor concrete work.

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