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The best outdoor kitchen for you is the one that maximizes your space, serves your purpose, and looks the way you want it. Get your best concrete BBQ only from Rochester Hills Concrete.

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The Advantages of a Custom Concrete BBQ

Our region, the East North Central, experiences warm summers and freezing winters. Accordingly, a good outdoor kitchen is one that can withstand these elements for a long time.

Hence, concrete remains the best construction material for outdoor kitchens. Not only is it extremely strong, but it’s fireproof. And with the proper engineering, installation, and sealing techniques, your outdoor concrete barbecue should let you host lots of fun parties for many, many years.

While some would argue that concrete is prone to cracking because of its limited tensile strength, we’ve corrected that using fiber or steel reinforcement and the right aggregates. We will even adjust the mix of the concrete to get the best strength it can considering the weather on the day of the pour.

Concrete BBQs are also highly customizable. You can have the height, thickness, color, and finish you want plus your specific additions such as drawers, a space for a hidden propane tank, a cast-in sink, or additional structures you need.

And of course, concrete BBQs are affordable. They beat out stainless steel as the latter may cost at least six times as much as concrete.

With all this versatility, we can execute what you have in mind for your space. Rochester Hills Concrete brings you not just great outdoor kitchens, but the best custom-made outdoor concrete barbecues with all your preferences and specifications. We create a stylish concrete BBQ setup that has all you need for entertaining guests and spending great moments with family. Best of all, it is tailored to outlast many Michigan summers and winters.

Pit that against a pre-fabricated cookie-cutter outdoor kitchen that bears someone else’s idea.

Options for Outdoor Concrete Barbecues

The complexity of the concrete BBQ is up to you. We can make it as simple as a charming, movable fire pit-type bowl or stationary table with an easy-to-clean grill that’s ready for charcoal and steaks.

On the other hand, we can go all the way and make a complete system fitted with a functional sink with copper fittings, an imported stainless steel barbecue hooked up to your gas line, stamped concrete flooring, wooden paneled cabinets, a custom concrete countertop, circular or rectangular concrete seating surrounding a custom-designed concrete table, and a concrete bar for serving drinks all inside a covered cozy patio equipped with a fireplace.

Can you see it now? Envision your space and Rochester Hills Concrete will build it for your outdoor cooking pleasure.

We’ve mentioned a lot of elements for a specialized outdoor concrete BBQ system that would bring out the Masterchef in you. Deciding is easy partly if you know what your preferred fuel is.

Outdoor concrete barbecues can be lit by charcoal, propane in an LP cylinder, electricity, or your gas line. Depending on what you choose, the gas or electric lines will be hidden to avoid unsightly connections or trip hazards.

You further need to decide if you’ll need a functional sink outside. Always consider the convenience of the people— including you— who will do the work. It can be tedious to go back and forth if the kitchen sink is too far from the outdoor barbecue.

An outdoor sink will require some hidden plumbing that would need to be done professionally. It will have to be protected and properly insulated.

Add to that the right flooring to avoid slippages while hauling food and equipment inside. You wouldn’t want to waste a piece of meat falling on dirt. At the same time, you wouldn’t want flooring that stains with barbecue sauce.

Rochester Hills Concrete can build the right type of flooring you need that’s safe and yet attractive. Concrete flooring has so many options that are easy to maintain as well as tolerate a high amount of foot traffic. It can be attached to your pool deck, garden pathway, or existing patio, It will be sealed with a non-slip, 2-part polyurethane that preserves the design and color it will bear. If you want to know more about your options, check out our section on concrete flooring.

There will be less hauling of items if you have fully enclosed cabinets and drawers with your concrete BBQ. We can have sealed drawers installed on your island that can either be made out of wood or stainless steel. These may contain not just your usual supplies, but paper towel rods, a removable trash can, a warming tray, a pullout dish rack, or even an ice cooler.

That means different drawers should have different depths. For example, your utensils should be in a more shallow drawer while a paper towel drawer usually has a tilt-out design. The larger drawers should be able to fit your spices and sauces.

Would you like a mini-fridge to go with that? We can install an outdoor fridge inside one of the cabinets so you won’t have to go back inside the house for a refill. Just remember that refrigerators choose for outdoor concrete barbecues need to be rated for outdoor use.

One of those cabinets in your concrete BBQ island can be for a propane cylinder. We’ll cover it with a beautiful cabinet door you can easily swing open to push the cylinder in. It will be attached by a line to your grill through a cutout at the back or top of the island.

If you’re a meat geek (and you’ve got lots of time), you would prefer installing both a concrete BBQ grill and a smoker. It’s perfect having both options available to you especially for those times when you want that authentic, slowly smoked brisket cooked with your homemade rub over oak or hickory. You can also cook whole turkeys or chickens.

Time to dine al fresco!

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Choosing a Look for Your Concrete BBQ

Now that you have the parts that you want to be included, you have to settle with a design for the overall look of your concrete BBQ. Much of this depends on how much space you have.

The most common can easily be the straight run island. This is the most space-saving design and can be positioned anywhere. However, it’s not the most efficient layout for a concrete BBQ.

Two straight runs are called a gallery layout. It allows you to work with convenience with two counters side by side and narrow space to move in between.

If you want something more spacious, try an L-shaped or a U-shaped layout instead. The L-shaped workstation provides you with more efficient space, allowing you to work quicker and interact with guests, too. It lets you reach appliances conveniently in a natural work triangle.

The U-shaped counter lets more people work in the kitchen simultaneously. It also provides more storage space for your items as there are 3 counters (and more drawers!) to work with. But, you’ll be needed a considerable amount of space for this concrete BBQ layout. You’ll also have to be careful with the cabinet door sizes as you wouldn’t want them hitting each other when open.

Any one of these designs can be placed against a wall or be the centerpiece of the patio. It can have bar seating so guests can have their meal directly on the counter. Or you can have a concrete table constructed as part of the outdoor kitchen structure. Just make sure there are more than enough seats for everybody to be comfortable in.

No matter how many counters there are, you can all have them customized with a beautiful concrete countertop design. You can have the gray concrete look, a polished exposed aggregate design, a faux slate or marble design, a textured stamped concrete surface, or a glossy stained finish.

While they may look nice, authentic bluestone and marble are porous stones and would absorb stains. They may look nice initially when installed but would lose all that beauty in a short period. That’s why we don’t recommend these for outdoor concrete barbecues.

But we can mimic the look of bluestone, marble, granite, or even tile with our special countertop finishes. If you’re interested in these surfaces, we describe them and the processes of how they’re made in our concrete countertops section.

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