Concrete Countertops

The pandemic has made us look more into our homes and what we need to enjoy our space more as we spend tons of time in it.

One of those improvements is something you always use and see: your countertops. A good countertop is of course, functional, but at the same time something you shouldn’t get tired of seeing. So, it’s time to replace that old wood veneer working surface in your kitchen with sturdy, durable, polished concrete countertops from Rochester Hills Concrete.

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Poured Concrete Countertops

Poured concrete countertops are a great option in terms of aesthetics, function, and practicality. That’s because they’re a lot classier and higher-end than laminate, but concrete countertops cost a fraction of the price of marble, travertine, slate, or granite.

Don’t think that you’ll be stuck with the usual gray. In truth, there’s so much flexibility with concrete countertops. That’s because each one can be custom-built just for you. You get the right size, color, thickness, finish, and strength. Existing appliances don’t have to be replaced to fit as the opposite is true: concrete countertops will adapt to what you already have.

And it’s not difficult to assemble. There’s no cutting or accidental breaking that can happen before installation since the cement can be poured and formed right where it will permanently sit.

Beautiful and Practical Ideas with Concrete Kitchen Countertops

The current trend for 2021 to 2022 with home design— including concrete kitchen countertops— leans towards a more organic, natural look. This is called biophilic style, or design that improves moods, boosts mental health, and promotes healing qualities.

Biophilic designs bring you closer to nature in the comfort of your own home. It can be achieved by using the look of natural stone and using colors found in nature on your concrete kitchen countertops.

Colored concrete countertops can be done through different methods. And there are so many to choose from because there’s virtually no color that cannot be achieved. For example, there’s pure white concrete that can be sealed and polished to feature a high gloss look. Just as there is white, there are also black-colored concrete countertops. Other colors you may be interested in are brown to reddish earth tones, stone grays, greens, and soft oranges.

You can have different finishes in any color, too. We can make you a speckled pattern that resembles granite by using soapstone or other kinds of similar aggregate and exposing them.

Stone or pebble aggregate can make your concrete countertops look unique, but you can have other kinds of inlays in them like metal, rocks, or glass. Sanding concrete countertops with diamond tooling will bring out the beauty of those materials right on the surface.

We can also make colored veins in any color you need to make your concrete countertop look realistically like marble. Imagine gray, black, blue, or gold on white ‘marble’. Or how about bluish-gray, cream, or white on black ‘marble’. And then, of course, we will finish it with a high reflective sheen that bounces off nicely with the low ambient lighting underneath your hanging cabinets.

Some of the other colored concrete countertops we’ve done were maroon red, mahogany, eggshell, and beige. Each one has a finish specifically requested by clients.

These colored or stained concrete countertops can have varying sheens ranging from glossy to matte. This can easily be done by sealing outdoor concrete countertops with the right kind of product.

For those who prefer matte finishes, stamped concrete countertops may be the right style for you. These involve a patterned texture on top and a matte concrete countertop coating.

A thicker slab, which is more than the usual 2 inches, can be done to make it look even more expensive. It’s like having the best of Italy in your kitchen at unbelievably low concrete countertops costs.

Aside from thickness, one of the special things Rochester Hills Concrete can do for you is to create a shape that will work great for your space. Concrete countertops don’t have to stay rectangular and straight-edged. They can be curved, oval-shaped, polygonal, or resemble any type of figure that makes your space look more exciting.

Special features can be added, too. A built-in feature that’s gaining popularity is the taper or drainboard beside the sink. It can serve as a dish drain, allowing the water to run down instead of pooling on top. If you have a double sink, we can create this neat design in the middle of each sink to taper to both sides.

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More Uses of Concrete Countertops In Your Home

You don’t have to stop with just concrete kitchen countertops. These elegant surfaces are good for other areas, too.

Kitchen islands and bars can match kitchen tops by having them similarly colored and finished. We have done lots of stained concrete countertops that match the theme of the kitchen, or sometimes the whole home.

Fire pits or barbecues at backyard patios will look even more complete with functional outdoor concrete countertops. These won’t rust or build up mold. We can custom fit your gas grill in the middle, plus add a sink for even more usability.

As an added feature, you can request a concrete table with the same design to go with that. The table can fit right onto your patio or backyard to seat your family and guests comfortably. They’re better than wood as they can withstand the elements from summer to winter.

Don’t think that just because they’re exposed to harsh weather conditions that they shouldn’t get the high-end look. With the appropriate finishing technique and concrete countertop coating, they’ll last as long as your indoor concrete countertops (or even as long as your driveway) will. The vital process of sealing outdoor concrete countertops makes them impervious to oils, water, or salts. Additionally, colored stains make concrete countertops UV stable so the colors can take on the sun’s heat without fading.

Indoors, you can have beautiful concrete bathroom countertops as well. Some unique designs include inlays that are reminiscent of the beach. These can be river pebbles and shells.

Shower cubicle seats, or sometimes called shower benches, can pair or contrast with concrete bathroom countertops. They’re not only very useful but can accent the walls of your shower given the right design.

Instead of ceramic, you can have concrete vanity sinks built right into your concrete bathroom countertops for a seamless look. They can have the same finish, or you can have them contrast with the concrete countertop.

You can choose to have above-counter basins with the shape of your choice, or the top can softly curve into a deep sink for a fluid look. You have the power to choose the exact shape and size of sink you want, and they will be built simultaneously with the concrete countertop.

Maintenance for Concrete Countertops

Concrete kitchen countertops are as easy to clean as granite and easier to clean than marble since it’s not as porous.

While high-polished concrete countertops may look like stone, you shouldn’t put a hot pan directly onto the surface.

While acidic liquids like lemon juice or vinegar may etch the epoxy seal, it doesn’t break down the concrete itself. In fact, some people like the patina look, or the natural aging of concrete countertops. If you don’t want the imperfections, though, you can buff it with coarse to fine diamond hand pads until you get the whitish stain off. Then polish it with beeswax to make it look shiny and brand new.

Diamond hand pads are available online or at your local hardware and bigger box stores.

If the damage is more extensive, call on us. Repairing concrete countertops is a service Rochester Hills Concrete offers. You may just want some restoration, or you’re selling your house and you want the next owners to have perfectly polished concrete countertops.

Resurfacing Countertops with Concrete

If you already have existing concrete countertops and would like an upgrade, resurfacing countertops with concrete is possible. We can do this with laminate, MDF, wood, tile, or Formica, giving you the look of exquisite stone or stained concrete countertops even with a tight budget. It beats having to tear up your existing countertop and replacing it, especially if your old counters are still tough and usable. Overlaid concrete countertops will last about half the time (20 to 25 years) as compared to solid, poured concrete countertops.

Quality Indoor and Outdoor Concrete Countertops from Rochester Hills Concrete

Rochester Hills Concrete creates indoor and outdoor concrete countertops like no other. We have been in the business for many years and have done many natural and colored concrete countertops for residential and commercial customers.

Our mission as a company is total customer satisfaction in quality, workmanship, and price.

We believe that concrete countertops are dynamic and versatile, giving our clients a legacy of beauty that lasts a lifetime. And you can have it right in your home.

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