Concrete Fire Pits

When the leaves begin to turn, memories are made around the backyard fire pit with the smell of Smores and stories told.

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Concrete Fire Pits

Cooler months do not necessarily mean being stuck indoors. It can become a great time with friends and family as you huddle around a cozy fire in your own concrete patio with fire pit. And with the pandemic still discouraging many from going out, it can be the perfect staycation destination.

Fire provides warmth, ambient lighting, and relaxation. That’s why a concrete fire pit is a very attractive addition to any yard.

Concrete is the perfect material as it is durable and will not be damaged by the flames.

And you don’t have to own a multi-million dollar estate to afford one or even need to have lots of extra space to have one set up. Nowadays, cement fire pits can follow any shape and size you want. And with the right design and smart setup, they fit right into your budget.

Concrete Fire Pits for Small Spaces

Designing and building a concrete fire pit for a small space is a challenge for some, but Rochester Hills Concrete has done them many times before.

The secret is in using every available square inch of space wisely through ergonomics. We take into consideration the amount of space that’s enough for people to be comfortable in as well as the safety clearance necessary around the cement fire pit.

Safety regulations require concrete fire pits to have a distance of at least 6 or 7 feet away from the main house. A fire ring may also be added especially if a HOA or property manager demands open fires to be contained.

No permits are needed to operate concrete fire pits in the state of Michigan, but these should be smokeless and recreational. In Rochester Hills, fire height and widths should not exceed 3 feet.

Rochester Hills Concrete keeps you and the environment safe through its smokeless cement fire pits composed of a double combustion system. This method allows for proper airflow, making sure that the fuel is completely burned.

We then propose a design based on those human factors, safety requirements, and other additional considerations including, of course, aesthetics. For example, a stamped concrete patio with fire pit built in-ground, or a smooth finish colored concrete backrest with seating, or a tabletop connected to a colored concrete table can be great options for a small space.

This also means that the cement fire pit to be built will have to be designed according to the space available and not vice versa. Just because many concrete fire pits are rectangular or round doesn’t mean yours have to be, too. Just keep an open mind that it can be different from what you saw in that magazine. Besides, your property is different, and whatever’s built- in it shouldn’t feel out of place. Instead, it should be the focal point of the space or the centerpiece of the show.

Some odd but attractive shapes for cement fire pits include narrow trough-shaped, square, triangular, flower-shaped, arching, angular, bean-shaped, horseshoe, D-shaped, and stone pile. Rochester Hills Concrete will help you choose the right shape that offers enough warmth for everyone in the space but is not too wide that people around it will be too far from each other to converse.

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Above-Ground or In-Ground Concrete Fire Pit

Most modern concrete fire pits are placed above ground, the height of which is no less than a foot. This is to avoid people from crouching down or leaning in for warmth. At this height, it can also serve as a footrest.

If the concrete fire pit’s sides also serve as seating, then it should be around 18 inches high at least.

On the other hand, in-ground concrete fire pits are permanent hardscapes that are generally safer as the fire is less likely to get out of control. Since they’re dug into the ground, there should be a barrier if you have pets and kids around that may stumble into the pit. Other than the usually raised borders, these may be made of natural stones or fire bricks subtly but strategically placed around the concrete fire pit.

One of the most-requested, albeit a little more expensive, designs we’ve ever done is the stamped concrete patio with fire pit. This features an in-ground concrete fire pit surrounded by stamped concrete. Some designs mimic brick, slate, or pavers, but other patterns can be done to follow or complement the design of other parts of your home, such as your path walk, driveway, or deck.

This idea is such a smart use of space that your whole family can enjoy. And it’s more practical to pour both the patio and the concrete fire pit at the same time for uniformity and cost-efficiency.

Concrete Fireplaces

While we’re on the subject of concrete fire pits, a similar structure deserves our attention as well: the opulent concrete fireplace.

A dream feature for many homeowners, the concrete fireplace is prized for its luxurious look. It’s a bigger structure and is pricier, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will take up more space than the concrete fire pit. Sometimes actually, it needs less square footage.

These elegant structures are usually requested with custom molded concrete fireplace surrounds to accommodate for cooking or shelving. Some prefer the concrete fireplace by the pool or jacuzzi.

Concrete fireplace surrounds can be done with a rustic or modern design. As with the concrete fire pit, this structure is best done at the same time as the patio or deck it is attached to.

Fuel Sources for Concrete Fire Pits and Concrete Fireplaces

Besides shape and height, fuel options are important decisions as well.

  • Alcohol gel fuel
    Some people opt for alcohol gel. This canned fuel type is safe as it does not run even when heated. It’s quite expensive, though, but one 13-ounce container can last 3 to 5 hours in a concrete fire pit. Its advantages include emitting minimal soot, smoke, and odor.

    Some concrete fireplaces (especially the wall-mounted variety) also utilize this type of fuel as it doesn’t require ventilation to burn or exhaust. With alcohol gel, there’s no carbon monoxide poisoning to worry about.

    Some alcohol gel brands even offer some crackling and popping for a real cozy fire experience. But it doesn’t heat up to temperatures that other fuel sources can.
  • Ceramic fire logs
    For that authentic look, concrete fire pits with ceramic logs work best. Although real firewood is desirable, it creates a lot of smoke that can be uncontrollable and unhealthy.

    Ceramic logs come in different kinds of very realistic types of wood, and they burn without smell and smoke. These are also the types of fuel that concrete fireplaces use. However, they can be pricey if you plan to use your concrete fire pit often.
  • Propane tanks
    Concrete propane fire pits are becoming more popular as people find it easy to buy the tank and hook it up to the concrete fire pit, especially a portable one. This is more practical for smaller, concrete fire pit bowls that are movable. The tank has to have a covering as an accessory so it doesn’t look odd or out of place. Using a propane tank, however, presents a little more work since the tank has to be replaced when empty.
  • Gas line extension
    For most clients, using a gas line extended from the house to light up the concrete fire pit is cheaper, more convenient, and safer. Your concrete fire pit will even be equipped with a knob or switch that controls the height of the flame. This type of concrete fire pit will require permanent installation.

Concrete fire pits that use these three types of fuel are easy to maintain. Propane and natural gas are easier to ignite.

Inside the concrete fire pit are fill rocks— usually lava rocks, river rocks, or lava pebbles— as well as pieces of recycled crushed glass as accents. These are fire resistant and make the flames sparkle even more. These brilliant glass pieces are available in different colors. They will complement your theme well and unify the elements in your space.

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